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valentina bresciani


Monte San Pietro, BO
Monte San Pietro, BO


May 13 - 14 2023


9:30 am - 6:00 pm

Course for the self-construction of an earthen oven

Building a real wood-burning oven to cook pizza, focaccia, bread, etc… using the land from your own garden… is possible and
simple. The Celts and Etruscans did it and they still do it in South America, Asia, Africa. Its cheap: in
5 people can be built in two days with a cost ranging from 10 to 70 euros.

We will learn the skills needed to make natural, robust and long-lasting ovens in just a few steps:
1.Know your soil…every soil contains a variable part of clay, one of sand, one of silt and one of humus; with a few simple tests you will be able to guess the composition and correct it to make it suitable for construction..
2. build the base for firing in terracotta or refractory bricks.
3. learn two or three techniques for making the dome by kneading with your feet and hands.
4. earth also lends itself very well to being finished with soft, pleasant shapes with a welcoming and unusual appearance. You can also play with the natural colors of the earth.
Weekly cooking will be illustrated. With a load of wood, depending on the temperature and its slow decline, pizza, focaccia, cakes, biscuits, bread (even 10-15 kilos) can be cooked and fruit can be dried.


When: Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 May 2023 from 9.30 to approximately 18.00.
Where: Monte San Pietro (Bologna)
Cost: 120 € each participant

Sign up: Valentina 328 4733997 or valebrescia67@gmail.com
For technical information (no registrations): www.passileleggerisullaterra.it

Bring clothes and shoes to get dirty, a bucket, a hammer and a trowel.
For lunches: Saturday and Sunday lunches will be shared. Everyone can bring a specialty from their area (a cake, a focaccia, etc.). For Sunday you can also bring raw dough, ingredients to mix on the spot or other dishes to make in the oven that we will bake for a snack.