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arundo donax - Canne palustri


Fattoria Fonte Trocchi


Fattoria Fonte Trocchi
66050 Tufillo, CH


Oct 14 2022

Festival of architectures in woven plant material

Free participation
room and board in exchange for help on construction sites

During the festival we will use arundo donax reeds, native marsh reeds, cattail leaves, papyrus, calamus and broom to weave architectural structures that are very light, elastic, resistant to earthquakes and, thanks to the aerodynamic shapes, also resistant to the wind, achievable at zero cost and in a short time, using locally available natural materials.

These structures can serve as emergency housing for people left homeless after natural disasters such as floods, landslides, hurricanes and earthquakes, but they can also be a good interim solution to the housing problem early on in the construction of a new ecovillage or of any kind. of human settlement that has a low visual, environmental and landscape impact. The same technique of using plant materials to weave architectural structures can be used to create interesting spaces especially from an aesthetic point of view thanks to the use of semi-transparent materials with effects obtained from the various possibilities of natural or artificial lighting.

One thing all of these structures have in common is that they can potentially be reinforced at a later stage, again using locally available natural materials, such as wood, stone and clay. Furthermore, these subsequent construction sites can be set up by doubling the usefulness of the effort of moving matter through the simultaneous creation of water retention landscapes with basins and canals, terraces and new crops of plants, especially perennials that take root very well on the land reported in some areas for landscape modeling motifs. The festival also offers the opportunity to participate in this second type of construction site.

in a tent, a tiny house, a house in straw bales or in the guest house in Tufillo (2 km away), where electricity, hot water and washing machine are available.
The cuisine is mainly vegetarian, using ingredients produced on the farm and locally grown organically.