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Association 1 comma 618


Capezzano Pianore
Capezzano Pianore, LU

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May 27 - 28 2023


2:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Natural Garden – Unusual and ornamental plants

with Alberto Bucci of La Nuova Selvaiana
The purpose of the course is to learn how to manage our garden garden ecologically without the use of synthetic products by enriching our crops with great biodiversity, which alone serves to control the balance between various plants and insects, thus deepening the relationships between various parts of nature. Some techniques taken from organic and biodynamic farming such as macerates, decoctions, mulches, etc. will be illustrated and practiced. You will get acquainted with plants not commonly used in gardens such as tanacetus, catnip, cosmos, etc., and with uncommon, almost rare vegetables of which you will be provided with some specimens or seeds.
The course is suitable for beginners, but even connoisseurs will be amazed!
Natural garden produce is tastier than industrial produce and will be cooked and used in the culinary preparations enjoyed during the course.
The course will be led by Alberto Bucci for 47 years a natural horticulturist. He has accumulated various experiences in organic farming, biodynamics and permaculture. Expert instructor of wild herbs and cultivated plants has been leading courses organized by the association for years.