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WWOOF Italia Insurance details.
As a voluntary association WWOOF Italia is obliged by law to provide insurance cover for it’s members. We have organised a policy that satisfies the legal requirements for the lowest possible premium.

1) Damage or injury to third parties – up to 1.500.000.00 Euro.

2) Accident resulting in
    – Death – 25.000.oo Euro.
    – Permanent invalidity – up to 50.000.00 Euro.
    – Medical expenses – up to 2000.00 Euro.

In case of accident contact:

Segreteria (rif.: Paola Rancati)
tel. 02/87166257 – fax 02/93664856 –

Consorzio CAES
Via Gavirate, 14
20148 Milano

WWOOF Personal Injury Cover.pdf                         WWOOFThird Party Liability Cover.pdf 


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