domande iscrizione

è possibile per un minorenne fare attività di Wwoofing?

La partecipazione dei minori alla nostra associazione (a partire dal compimento del 16° anno di età) è limitata perché è molto importante che siano protagonisti della scelta e non "mandati" dai genitori. Queste istruzioni sono dedicate direttamente al minore...

How do I renew my card?

Just repeat the online registration by accessing the site with your data. Once you have logged in you will find the necessary information to continue by clicking on the small head and shoulder shape found on the top right. If you were a member a few years ago you may...

How do I verify the membership of a host farm?

Farms which are not members are removed from the online list. If you use a printed list always check before leaving: if you can not connect to the internet you can call the office.

I am registered: now what do I do?

Contact the hosts you have chosen directly to ask their availability to host you and to agree with them the details of your stay.

How does the card arrive?

It will be emailed to you in PDF format when your membership is validated and you have paid your fee. Print a copy that you can have available during your stay on the farm - in the event that there are visits from work inspectors - and make sure you email it to the...

Do I need a photo?

Yes, you have to upload it on the site when you sign up. You need a close-up photo in which you are clearly recognisable.

Is there a discount for couples traveling together?

No, there isn't. WWOOF Italia is not an online service but an Association for Social Development, that's why the membership fee is individual. Each person has his own card and is covered by the insurance policy. Becoming a member you'll actively support the...

Can I start immediately?

First of all you have to make arrangements with those who will host you: the farms are not hotels. Hosts often have many commitments and few places. If you arrive without warning you risk finding they have no space, or worse, find no one at home! Use the direct...

Can I travel with my dog?

Not all of the farms can accommodate dogs or other animals: their presence could affect the delicate internal balance of the farm. Ask the individual hosts when you contact them. In the extended search you can find hosts who will gladly accept dogs or other pets.

Can I travel with my kids?

The WWOOF Italia Association does not set limits for those who want to travel with their children, but individual hosting partners may have problems with space, security, or peace of mind. Always check when you make arrangements. In the extended search you can find...

Can I use the WWOOF Italia membership card to go WWOOFing abroad?

No, the WWOOF Italia Association represents and protects only travelers and hosts present in Italy. To travel overseas visit where you will find sites from the WWOOF organizations from other countries and also WWOOF Independents, which coordinates...

Are there any age limitations to join as a WWOOFer?

To register for WWOOF Italy, you must be at least 18 years of age. There are no other limits. There is however the possibility for those who have turned 16 to take part in project for minors. For more information on this contact the office.

I signed up but I cannot see the farm contacts, where can I find them?

You become a member of WWOOF Italia (and can contact hosts), only after receiving your membership card. Paying the membership fee does not automatically make you a member. Your membership will be checked and validated manually, and this process may take up to 24 hours...

Come rinnovo la tessera?

Basta ripetere l’iscrizione on-line accedendo al sito con i tuoi dati. Una volta fatto l’accesso troverai il necessario per proseguire cliccando sulla piccola sagoma umana che trovi in alto a destra. Ricordati di stampare la tessera con il nuovo codice. Siamo contenti...

Serve una foto?

Sì, dovrai caricarla sul sito quando farai la registrazione. Deve essere una foto in cui il tuo viso sia ben inquadrato e riconoscibile.

C’è uno sconto per le coppie che viaggiano insieme?

No, Wwoof Italia non è un servizio on-line di contatti ma un'associazione di promozione sociale: la quota associativa è quindi personale, ogni socio ha la sua tessera ed è coperto da assicurazione. L'adesione comporta il sostegno e la partecipazione alle attiivtà...

Come posso pagare la quota d’iscrizione?

Puoi usare on-line una carta di credito o una prepagata, puoi fare un versamento con bonifico bancario o bollettino postale Ti verranno comunicati i dettagli per effettuare il pagamento al momento della registrazione.

Ci sono limitazioni di etĂ  per i WWOOFer?

Per iscriversi a WWOOF Italia bisogna aver compiuto almeno 18 anni. Non ci sono altri limiti. Esiste la possibilità per chi abbia compiuto i 16 anni di attivare il “progetto minori”.