domande wwoofer

If there is a problem how do I fix it?

Often problems are caused by misunderstandings which can be solved with a clear open discussion between the people involved. If in your mind the situation is not resolvable in this way it is worth remembering that you can always leave. If you make this decision, let...

How do I renew my card?

Just repeat the online registration by accessing the site with your data. Once you have logged in you will find the necessary information to continue by clicking on the small head and shoulder shape found on the top right. If you were a member a few years ago you may...

I can no longer go to farm: what do I do?

After making arrangements with hosts it is important to observe the dates or at least to communicate variations in time, as it is always useful to report any rethinking. It is incorrect not to warn hosts of any changes in your plans.

I have never been in the countryside: is it a problem?

No, you are here to learn but do not expect to be constantly followed. You may be able to perform some tasks on your own at times: if you think you are not up to a task do not be afraid tell the host. Hosts do not expect competence, interest and enthusiasm are enough!

How do I verify the membership of a host farm?

Farms which are not members are removed from the online list. If you use a printed list always check before leaving: if you can not connect to the internet you can call the office.

I am registered: now what do I do?

Contact the hosts you have chosen directly to ask their availability to host you and to agree with them the details of your stay.

If the host only speaks Italian?

The majority of host members are Italians: many speak other languages, the atmosphere is still open to cultural exchange. Each description contains this information.

Is there Wi-Fi?

This varies. If having WiFi is a neccesity for you you need to remember to ask the host for confirmation that you can use the WiFi when you contact them.

What if I become ill?

Go to bed until you are better and follow the advice of your doctor. In case of illness hosts are required to provide support and hospitality for WWOOFers.

I am a vegan, is this a problem?

Use the keyword for advanced search: find out who follows the diet that suits you or someone willing to meet your needs.

Can I WWOOF just for the weekend?

It is difficult to find someone who would be willing to host you for two days only. If you can only go on Saturdays and Sundays, try to agree on a continuous solution covering at least a few consecutive weekends and choose hosts situated near where you live.

Can I drive the tractor?

Absolutely not. Just as you can not use any other motorized equipment (chainsaws, motorcultivators, motorized tools with blades, etc.). If you did it would be a serious violation of the Internal Regulations and in the event of an accident you would not be covered by...

What will my duties be?

It depends. WWOOF Italia farms are very different, although they all practice natural agriculture. They go from agritourisms to simple farms or even urban gardens. Needs are different on each farm: consult the list carefully . Do not forget that your participation in...

How much will I have to work?

WWOOF Italia is a Volunteering Association, there is no contract or amount of hours to be respected. Remember that you're going to share a lifestyle, a project, not paying for food and lodging with a few hours of work. Each job and every season requires different...

How should I behave?

It is important to be responsible, courteous and non-invasive. A good dose of the spirit of adaptability and willingness to participate will make your WWOOF experience richer for you and for those who host you. Remember also that many members follow lifestyles and...

How will I be hosted?

Every reality offers different situations but you will find lodging, almost always shared meals and everything for you require for your daily needs. In addition to your personal belongings, you should take suitable work clothes (boots, waterproof jackets, trousers,...

Can I use the WWOOF Italia membership card to go WWOOFing abroad?

No, the WWOOF Italia Association represents and protects only travelers and hosts present in Italy. To travel overseas visit where you will find sites from the WWOOF organizations from other countries and also WWOOF Independents, which coordinates...

I signed up but I cannot see the farm contacts, where can I find them?

You become a member of WWOOF Italia (and can contact hosts), only after receiving your membership card. Paying the membership fee does not automatically make you a member. Your membership will be checked and validated manually, and this process may take up to 24 hours...

Se c’è un problema con un host come lo risolvo?

Spesso le incomprensioni sono causate da piccoli malintesi, risolvibili con un sereno confronto fra soci. Se l’incompatibilità è a tuo parere irrisolvibile, conviene prenderne atto: ricorda che puoi sempre andartene. Se prendi questa decisione, fallo sapere per tempo...