Tomato X Exhibition


Adipa Lunigiana
+39 348 4406910


Giardini Caneva
Giardini Caneva, via Berghini Pasquale, Sarzana, SP


Aug 20 2023


10:00 am - 7:00 pm

10th National Tomato Exhibition

I am Maurizio Lunardon, I am reporting the 10th Tomato Exhibition, which will take place in Sarzana at Via Pasquale Berghini, 4 with free admission, on Sunday, August 20, 2023. The 10th edition is worth a visit and not only because it is an anniversary.
A few thousand ancient and traditional varieties of tomatoes will be on display. You will find, in addition, many other solanaceae, many of them uncommon or unusual. The exhibitors, associations and non-associations, are all part of the “Seed savers” world. I mention some of the realities present, all of which are very vigilant, especially at this time when TEAs, the “Assisted Evolution Technologies,” or GMOs in disguise, are appearing in Italy!
The entities present that seek to preserve ancient seeds are: Seed Vicious, Cultivate Sharing, Adipa Lunigiana, Serit Seeds of the World, but there are also many antique seed collectors.
There will be Bruno Fournier, a Frenchman who is well known in the environment for his great work in safeguarding and disseminating ancient and rare seeds from all over the world.
Jonathan Nossiter, an American film maker known for his 2004 feature film “Mondovino,” which was nominated for the Palme d’Or at Cannes, will be there. Of course he will bring his tomatoes grown on Lake Bolsena.
You will find “L’orto Bioattivo,” a Florentine reality that has become a well-known and recognized institution thanks to the great work of Andrea Battiata, who proposes an alternative way of gardening, making it possible even in the city.
Then what about Dario Cortese and his “Ortoforest,” surely a way of cultivation for the future. Dario will also give a lecture entitled “Regenerating Ecosystems with Horticultural Forestry,” an opportunity not to be missed.
Another character present: Giancarlo Cappello. Giancarlo needs no introduction. A proponent of ‘Happy Degrowth’ and ‘Elemental Cultivation,’ he will give a lecture entitled “Elemental Cultivation: a New Vision of Agriculture.”
Cristina and Franca will give demonstrations of flax spinning with traditional tools.
The Canapuana company will have its own booth, where you will find its products for sale, and will give a talk on hemp and its healing uses through the CBD.
You will find a display of aquatic plants, an exhibition of camellias accompanied by a lecture on the subject, lots of antique seeds of tomatoes and more, and, last but not least, an exhibition of wax models by master Davide Furno who has revived an ancient and noble technique.
Many more surprises will come in the day.
What can I say, it is not possible to miss such an appointment. On-site refreshments and essential beverages provided.