WWOOF Italia Insurance

Volunteers have insurance coverage with CAES

Liability & Personal Accident policy is automatically provided for WWOOFers

WWOOF Italia is a Social Promotion Association and as such it guarantees its voluntary members (WWOOFer) with insurance coverage for risks related to their WWOOFing activities.

It covers risks arising from accident or illness and damage to things or people both when you are inside an educational centre managed by a host of WWOOF Italia and when you are performing WWOOFing activities outside of the farm.

For more details read the relevant vademecum of the policies taken out with Assimoco in collaboration with CAES Italia.

Travel insurance

You are responsible for your own travel insurance.

Useful Documents


Liability Policy


Accident Policy

Do you need to report an accident?

Contact the staff to receive instructions and the necessary forms.

Why WWOOF has chosen CAES

WWOOF Italia and CAES started together and they have accompanied and supported each other in the process of moving from the informal to the formal.

WWOOF Italia was looking for an insurance partnership consistent with the spirit of the association, and CAES was looking for partners to promote the initiative in the world of ethical businesses.
Out of fairness to the members; cost-benefit analyses were also carried out in comparison to other market policies and CAES brilliantly passed them.
As a result, a mutual co-operation based on trust and respect was formed, which has allowed us over time to solve problems and deal with unforeseen events when necessary.
To date, frequent exchanges and confrontations continue not only on insurance policies but also on issues concerning the common good.