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Free the Mountain

An event that is growing by word of mouth among people who believe in the urgency of reorganizing Mountain Life.
The proposed themes are central to all of us: We gladly propose this initiative to you, although a bit late, so that those who want to and still make time can take part...

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AMORLIFE – Work Camp

These days will study the properties, characteristics and thus the performance of the materials used. Specifically, the “adobe” construction technique from the construction of the wooden mold to the creation of the finished brick will be explored. The ultimate short-term goal is to make 7,000 bricks as the final product.

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WWOOFCast – episode 10

Bruno Paixão is a WWOOF Portugal host from 2016. He loves to share the Portuguese culture and to...

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A farewell message and a new proposal

However, we have the possibility of welcoming someone already experienced in agriculture and animal keeping who would like to come here to live for a long period to take care of the environment and create self-sufficiency whilst respecting nature.

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