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percorso di progettazione in permacultura


Armonie ANimali
Armonie ANimali


Civitella di Romagna
Civitella di Romagna


Feb 04 - 08 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Beginning of the permaculture design process

Permaculture design process Practical methodologies for creating sustainable human environments

72-hour on site course: 4-5 and 18-19 February | 11-12 and 23-24-25-26 March 2023 Civitella di Romagna (FC)

Living in the countryside or living thanks to the countryside are two extremely different things; many people especially after the last two years that have seen us forced into great restrictions and closures feel the desire to change their lives to go and live closer to nature, take a piece of land and build a lifestyle for them and their loved ones outside heavily populated areas. Many people dream of self-sufficiency, of coexistence with others and of producing most of what they need to live.

On the other hand, there are people who already have a company that is careful not to damage nature and to impact as little as possible, a company that must maintain itself and must also economically support the people who work the fields and work with animals. Living in the countryside is not easy for anyone, for those who have always lived there and for those who have just started or want to start. The challenges are many and not just economic, you need passion, you need love for the land, you need resistance to fatigue, heat, cold, failures and you have changes with which the climate confronts us, drought, large rains, late frosts, high temperatures, strong winds and that’s not all, we have to deal with wild animals, insects, market fluctuations, rising energy costs and building materials.

Today more than ever people and companies need to design and/or redesign their production systems, soil quality, water management, temperatures, winds, animal management, sales networks, energy consumption. Today more than ever there is a need to learn and put into practice design systems suitable for us and for our company, there is a need to individualize the systems according to the characteristics of our land, according to our characteristics, no single recipe is good for everyone, it is impossible. Applied permaculture design is a set of methodologies and techniques that simplify business management, which help you not to waste time, which connect the various business systems in a more fluid and less costly way.

Our primary goal is to be useful for your companies and your countryside activities, which is why we have built a 72-hour training course internationally recognized by the Permaculture Association UK.

A big hug Pietro Venezia and Andrea Minchio