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Via di Paterno, 2, Fiesole, FI


May 01 - 03 2023


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Fundamentals and Practices of Peasant Agro-ecology – field days

Seconda session in the field

Study days May 1,2 and 3. 2023 (h 9,00-18,00)


Day 3: Fundamentals and practice of peasant agro-ecology

– Peasant agro-ecology

From dominant epistemology to epistemological alternatives To the ecological and agronomic plane To the sociopolitical plane. With Sylvia PEREZ-VITORIA 1h00


– From fertility to fecundity of soils in peasant agro-ecology Soil dynamics and structure. Associated crops and the agrarian practice model. With Miguel NEAU 2h00

– Peasant agro-ecology and peasant movements, with Sylvia PEREZ VITORIA 1h00

– Contextualization on the host farm, with Lilian CEBALLOS, Miguel NEAU, Nicolas SUPIOT 3h3

Day 4

Tools for evaluation and reflection on the practice of peasant agriculture

– Electrochemical balance, microorganisms, soil and plant health. Vincent’s Bioelectronics. With Lilian CEBALLOS 1h30

– Diagnosis of a farm in Farm Agro-ecology 30min

– Simplified ecological diagnosis of a plot in peasant agro-ecology 30min

– Testimony/exchange on the practice of tools in soil regeneration. Nicolas SUPIOT 1h00

– Practical workshops: Practical implementation on the farm of simplified agroecological and ecological diagnoses with Miguel NEAU and Sylvia PEREZ-VITORIA 3h30


Day 5 More soil regeneration tools with exchanges and conversations about the practice of agro-ecology farming by interns on the farm

– Fermented forest litter or LIFOFER. Construction and uses with Miguel NEAU 1h00

– Importance of farmer seeds in soil microbial regeneration processes. With Lilian CEBALLOS 1h00

– Example of a parcellular regeneration and exchange with interns. Of Nicolas SUPIOT 1h30

Discussion and group work on special cases significant to the contexts and farms of the interns based on the grounds of the host farm.

By Lilian CEBALLOS, Miguel NEAU, Silvia PEREZ-VITORIA, Nicolas SUPIOT 3h30



Venue: Ontignano, via di Paterno 2, 50014 Fiesole

Registration: By April 15. Cost € 100.00, per day, excluding meals, registration limited to 20 people,

The email to send questions to is: nuovagricolturacontadina@gmail.com, or drop by LEF, 4 de’Pucci Street mornings Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. to bring a written question


filling out the form that will be found on site and leaving half of the cost of the booked participation as a deposit. Those who book by email or by phone to LEF 055214117 will be given directions to pay the transfer.

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