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Azienda Agricola Tularù


Azienda Agricola Tularù, Via Case Sparse, Ponzano di Cittaducale, RI

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Jul 22 - 24 2022


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Harvest Festival

For the first time since we started the Tularù adventure, we are in the condition where the grain we sowed is ready to be harvested a month in advance.

So you may ask yourselves: will the Harvest Festival take place?

We are going to do it anyway.

In fact, we will do it even better, truly giving meaning to the hand-harvesting and collective harvesting that we will be doing, to save that wheat that has been bedded down by the wild boars and that machinery would not be able to harvest; to recognise together the varieties that have prevailed in such a drought year; to talk not only about wheat, but about agroecology, about how to live in inland and mountain areas and how care is the only solution for a sustainable future.
We look forward to seeing you at the HARVEST FESTIVAL, on 22 (from 18.00), 23 and 24 July in Tularù.

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Festa della Mietitura 2022