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Let’s build r-existing communities, meeting in Gottolengo on September 12

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A meeting will be held in Gottolengo (BS) on September 12th, organized by CO-energia, RES Lombardia and Biocaseifico Tomasoni. 

The initiative “Beyond the pandemic: we build r-existing communities” was created with the aim of consolidating ‘Sustainable Communities’ linked to specific community economic projects by creating networks and territorial relationships.



9.30 – Assembly of the Association “Amici delle Terre del grana”¬†with the Brescia GAS ( in support of the “Adesso Grana” Pact of the Tomasoni Biocaseificio and the¬†territorial project linked to it)

10,30 – Presentation of the projects and Debate
– Greetings from the mayor of Gottolengo, Giacomo Massa
РAdesso Grana and Cooperativa di Comunità, Massimo Tomasoni
– AiF -Agriculture in a Food Chain, Davide Biolghini Co-Energia
– Participatory Guarantee Systems, La Buona Terra

13,00 – LUNCH at Apiculture Bertoldosso*


14,30 – Welcome and registration
15,00 – Plenary presentation of the meeting – Davide Biolghini for Co-Energia and a representative of RES Lombardia
15,30 – Division into working groups
17,30 – Break
18,00 – Plenary report of the Working Groups and concluding debate
20,00 – DINNER at Apicoltura Bertoldosso

On the poster is a QR code for registration for the event and activities. You can also register using the following link;

Those who will not be able to attend in person can submit their participation on the form and then register for the online meeting that will start at 14.30.

The groups scheduled for the afternoon sessions are as follows:- Food sovereignty and r-existing communities- Energy sovereignty and r-existing communities- Monetary and financial sovereignty- Political sovereignty and participation. For further information or inquiries write to

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