chestnut harvest at Anca's

A letter to WWOOF Italy from Anca, a new host in Vicenza

by | Dec 7, 2021 | Our members

It is with enthusiasm that I now write to you that we have started to be operational. We have hosted a young lad from the area. Now we are hosting a couple from California who are very interested in growing chestnuts. I feel a beneficial flow in remaining constant in working with the right motivation. Through this experience I gather a lot of willingness, mental flexibility, creative will and much more from the woofers and from us, each with our own limits and resources. In working as a team we nurture each other and overcome the hardships and difficulties we encounter. 

corn biodiversity, Diego Pizzolato

This experience brings us new bonds with the local area as we get to know neighbouring realities, which in turn introduce us to other beautiful realities.
Thank you for your support in setting up this project. It brings wealth to us all!


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chestnut harvest at Anca's