Le Granaie

Seeking a collaborator in the Pistoian mountains

by | Dec 7, 2021 | job requests and offers

We are looking for a person who is interested in a collaborative contract for at least 1 year: we especially need help with moving the fences and with the management of the animals.
We have a room available in the house which is on the farm, the room is used as a back-up for us and our family. Food will of course be included.

the course of the seasons at Le Granaie

Le Granaie is a family-run farm founded in 2011 in the mountains of Pistoia, in the municipality of San Marcello Piteglio at about 750 metres above sea level. We are Simone (1989) and Giacomo (1991), brothers. We are embraced by chestnut coppices and a few turkey oaks. We have about 20 hectares at our disposal, mainly chestnut woods, permanent pastures and chestnut groves from which we obtain sweet flour using traditional methods such as drying in Metato.We breed Cabannine cows (an endangered breed from the Genoa area) with which we make the cow/calf range for meat and transform the little milk, milked by hand, in the farm dairy to obtain cheeses with fantastic organoleptic qualities. This is also due to their semi free-range grazing 365 days a year feeding only on grass for 9 months a year if the season allows it. We also raise our 40 Chamois/Verzaschese goats with agro-ecological methods, taking care, however, at night to bring them into the cowshed to avoid possible attacks from predators. The milk is always processed on the farm into different types of cheeses, the most popular of which are French cheeses with a flowery rind. We also have a small henhouse with egg-laying hens that roam under an orchard of ancient apple, pear, plum and cherry trees and other small fruits. There is also a small vegetable garden for family use and wheat fields where we have sown buckwheat this year and will sow spelt in November.


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