“Crescono con noi” projects have been evaluated

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The jury (Carla Konsten, Lamberto Soldatini, Francesco Bifulco, Fabrizio Romagnoli, Gabriele Taverna) has completed the evaluation process of the projects presented for the first edition of “Crescono con noi”. The Board of WWOOF Italia, considering the numerous participants and the recommendation of the jurors with regards to the quality of projects, has taken note and has decided to increase the number of projects supported from 5 to 7. The selected projects are, in order of merit:

  • Piccola vite: quando la cura è nella terra (Small vine: when the remedy is in the earth), by Luca Barbich
  • The good practices of la bottega educativa diffusa Wwoof Italia by Marcella Leoncini
  • Le Campate, by Sofie Wendt
  • Un “capanno” per il benessere delle api e delle persone (A “hut” for the well-being of bees and people), by Sergio Giovannoni
  • Nuove strutture e corsi gratuiti per l’autonomia (New structures and free courses for autonomy), by Francesco Annarumi
  • Capre & cesti (Goats & baskets), by Federica Benemeo
  • Terra chiama OmGarden (a project of in-depth ecology), by Marilina Razzi

The projects will be presented in Fano, during the course of the WWOOF AGM (annual general meeting) on May 26-29. The winners will shortly receive further communications regarding the allocation of the contributions. The other applicants who wish to continue their projects can stay in touch with the association to propose forms of non-monetary support. We look forward to seeing you all at the AGM!

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