January 2022 - Calendar WWOOF

January 2022 Calendar

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Jan Philipp – President of the International FoWO Federation: His meeting with WWOOF Germany in 2007 guided his life choices: a passion for bees, for goats, studies in agriculture and, of course, a lot of time and energy dedicated to the WWOOF movement!

January 2022 - Calendar WWOOF

WWOOF has been part of my life since 2007. When I finished my studies, the annual Pentecost meeting of WWOOF Germany took place near my hometown and it motivated me to visit WWOOF farms in Germany and Spain for a whole year. The experiences I had there determined everything I did later: my studies in agricultural science at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, my passion for bees, a “goat year” at the Reimehof in Bavaria and of course my commitment to WWOOF Germany. One of my activities is to visit WWOOF hosts – and aspiring WWOOF hosts – so I formed a

group within the WWOOF organisation to keep in contact with hosts all over Germany. I have been a WWOOF Germany councillor since 2012, later I joined the board of FoWO (Federation of WWOOF Organisations) and in October 2021 I was appointed president of the Federation.      Over the years (and by passing through so many inspiring places) I got to know the essence of WWOOF: to learn about and share a rural way of life. Working together in friendship. The willingness to help others acquire new skills. And the motivation to live close to nature. Jan-Philipp, WWOOF German

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HAPPY 2023 to ALL!

This year we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the founding of Federation of Organizations WWOOF (FoWO)!
FoWO was in fact born in 2013, as democratic organization that allows WWOOF national groups to cooperate globally.