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#CambiamoAgricoltura is launching “Check Up Pesticides”

by | May 13, 2022 | from our networks

European campaign to raise awareness of the impacts pesticides have on human health and ecosystems arrives to Italy.

Pesticide pollution is pervasive and persistent in all environmental matrices and is a major cause of biodiversity loss at the European level, and the more than 400 synthetic chemicals authorized in Europe for use in agriculture also pose a serious threat to human health by causing about 11,000 premature deaths and chronic diseases each year.

To stimulate effective solutions to this serious environmental problem, the Italian #CambiamoAgricoltura Coalition is also launching in Italy the “Check Up Pesticides” Campaign promoted at the European level by “Good Food Good Farming,” a broad European alliance of Associations to which the Italian Coalition also adheres, created to promote the ecological transition of agriculture and raise awareness of the problems caused by the current intensive model of agricultural production.

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