Access to the new CWP2.0 platform

by | Jul 16, 2022 | Associative life, Messages from the Association

WWOOF organisations around the world have worked together to create a better user experience for our members.

We have migrated your user profile to the new platform, including your description, photos, messages and reviews.

Due to security reasons, we were unable to migrate your password.

To enter the new platform, a new password must be setup by clicking on the ‘I forgot my password’ link on the login page.

Since the new platform aims to offer a more unified experience for WWOOFers worldwide, you will notice some slight changes in functionality and member profile data.

Pubblicato da Ale per WWOOF Italia

Contadino e Host nello Staff WWOOF Italia mi occupo della comunicazione e delle relazioni tra soci. Per contatti o per proporre nuovi contenuti


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HAPPY 2023 to ALL!

This year we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the founding of Federation of Organizations WWOOF (FoWO)!
FoWO was in fact born in 2013, as democratic organization that allows WWOOF national groups to cooperate globally.