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by | Aug 23, 2023 | Featured News, from our networks

6-day self-managed camp in Pellice Valley Aug. 22-27

An event that is growing by word of mouth among people who believe in the urgency of reorganizing Mountain Life.

The proposed themes are central to all of us: We gladly propose this initiative to you, although a bit late, so that those who want to and still make time can take part…

“6-day self-managed encampment of peasants, nomads, mountaineers and rebels to imagine and practice forms of life and resistance. In the face of a present made of states of emergency, what spaces of autonomy and struggle can we conquer?”

Plate, cutlery and glass holder. If you can also a chair, a small table, a water canister, whatever you think you might need in a self-managed camp. We are in the mountains, it may be cool in the evening. All lunches will be self-serve, ingredients (veg) are welcome


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