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“Facilitation seeds”

by | Oct 20, 2023 | from our networks, Training

Training course for caring for people and relationships in the group

Elenia and Marta have been passionately and expertly following the main collective activities of the WWOOF Italy community and many others connected to us for some time.

We gladly promote their facilitation training initiative that will take place, starting October 25, in Florence.

⭕Do you also like to work in groups, and do you believe that if done carefully, it has great value? Do you want to know and recognize your group dynamics to turn them into potential? Are you ready transform to your way of being and acting in groups?
📣from 25 October “Facilitation seeds” will start, a training course to provide those who participate with a toolbox with personal and collective tools in holding together the care of people and relationships in the group, without losing sight of the concrete goals🌱
Using the method of learning by doing we will work on:
Module 1 – 25/10/2023 – The group and its dynamics: instructions for use.
Module 2- 8/11/2023 – Communication that brings us closer
Module 3 – 11/22/2023 – The power of emotions
Module 4 – 12/13/2023 – Agreements, roles and structures: recipes for effective and participatory meetings.
🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️Trainers: Elenia Penna and Marta Scalvi, facilitators and collaborators of FacilitArte
Participate through gift contribution🗝️
📧For info and registration: piccolascuoladipace.fi@proton.me


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