In the heart of the Crafts – Stone Embroideries

by | Oct 20, 2023 | from our networks, On the Ground, Training

In Casarano (Lecce) a school/worksite for the art of dry stone walls.

“it is no longer so easy to find skilled labor to build or maintain these small works of art that enrich the rural and agricultural landscape,” we read in the pages of Life This is also why, in the Casarano area, in the province of Lecce, a kind of school is being created to teach and teach the art of dry stone walls. A school that has “the objective of fostering the social and labor insertion of people with fragility, at risk of marginality, deviance and social distress present in our community, leveraging the recovery and enhancement of this ancient craft, the art of dry stone walls, used throughout Italy and the Mediterranean.”

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