Terra Pagana seeks

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Terra Pagana

Terra Pagana seeks:

– A family consisting of one or more living beings to complete the resident and operating community

– To be a place that is deeply respectful of the global ecosystem

– To disseminate and share small and large strategies to comply with the previous point

– to live with zero waste

– To make the most of all its resources

– to become a small ecovillage

– a social media manager (but that’s another story)

Terra Pagana is:

– the home of a family: baby, mom, dad, grandma, dog, cats, chickens, pigs, and many autotrophs and heterotrophs of different sizes

– An imperfect but evolving ecosystem

– One hectare of land in Piano di Sorrento, cultivated mainly with citrus fruits according to the traditional model of the Sorrento Food Forest

– a parmacultural project in continuous development

– A building from the 1600s that looks to the future while enhancing the past

– A place for experimentation and study of science and techniques for the environment

– a place that pays attention to the little ones

Terra Pagana is not:

– a farm, nor an agritourism

– a modern house with all the comforts

– a cannabis plantation

– a simple accommodation

– A place to just mind your own business

Terra Pagana offers:

– Sufficiently heated housing in winter and cool in summer

– free food and resources as long as its ecosystem generates them

– many spaces to regenerate

– the chance to dream and realize together

You are the right family if:

– you want to live in a rural environment, with all that that entails

– Are you willing to do your part for the ecological transition

– are you willing to spend yourself to disseminate the good practices that we will find together

– you can share the expenses of everything this ecosystem does not yet generate (food, energy, drinking water); we provide the materials to carry out the projects

– you have available daily or nearly daily time to operate in the Pagan Land community

– Sharing a dietary regimen designed together

to make sure it is a fruitful coexistence for all, we feel it is necessary to have a trial period of at least 2 months, at the end of which we will honestly tell each other if we are right for each other.

you can contact us by writing to us on our WWOOF profile


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