A scout group seeks hospitality

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It happens more and more often that scout groups contact WWOOF in order to carry out their activities in rural areas. Their purpose and methods seem to us to be in line with our educational values related to the environment, so we give them space on our page. If any hosts are interested in hosting them, however, please remember that this will be done outside of the WWOOFing relationship: personal arrangements will have to be made with the group leader regarding the activities to be done, accommodation, meals, and insurance (the boys, not being WWOOF members, are not covered by our insurance).

“Hello everybody! We are a group of 11 Scouts from a city near Barcelona, Spain, eager to learn new ways of living and meet people from around. We are between 17 and 23 years old, and we are in our last year as young people in our scouting group. Because of that, we plan to take one last trip and make use of it by doing a project. We are very interested in coming to a farm and being able to work on different aspects such as responsibility, respect for nature, teamwork and creativity. We plan on coming between the 2nd and 7th of June, but we are open to move it some days up or down if it makes it easier for you! We really don’t need much, only a place to sleep (we have our own tents) and new experiences to live!

Hope to meet you soon, we are very interested in this opportunity and are looking forward for an answer!!! Thank you.

Trucs La Salut”



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