Autumn Meeting

Autumn Meeting 2022

29 Sep – 02 Oct 2022

Autumn meeting

Valledrane (BS)

From 29 September to 02 October the coordination meeting of WWOOF Italy members will take place

at Valledrane, (BS).

Dear Members, the date of our coordination meeting is approaching.
For several years now, this meeting has been designated as a moment of encounter and comparison between the people who are actively involved in the life of the association, the local coordinators and other members and associates who take part in the various activities: from working groups, to the care of relations with other associations and movements, and more.
However, it is open to all, especially to those who would like to get to know what is going on in WWOOF Italy beyond WWOOFing, to those who would like to dedicate part of their time to caring for and developing our community.


The goal of the meeting

In continuity with the May gathering in Fano, the key words will be Renewal and Partecipation.

From Thursday 29 afternoon (arrivals) a discussion session will take place, which will revolve around the following points on Friday 30 and Saturday 1:

How do we perceive and interpret WWOOF Italia at the moment?
Founding principles, internal organisation, networks, ongoing generational change. The vision in the making.
Why are we members of WWOOF? What are we looking for in the association and what kind of contribution do we want to make? Occasional volunteering, training and organisational volunteering. The role of coordinators in the animation of relations and projects in the territories.
What is WWOOF in the world? A common vision and strategy, the organisational evolution of the Federation of Wwoof Organisations, FOWO, and WWOOF Italia’s participation in the Federation – how to be a global community of people discussing common issues.
We will continue to discuss a vision in which ‘Nature must invade agriculture’ and the ‘Good Practices of the WWOOF Italia Educational Workshop’.
We are going through a season of transition in which the participation of Members in the cultural elaboration and vital choices for the association is increasingly important.
Regaining a harmony of mutual respect and maximum acceptance for diversity is fundamental, renewing awareness and giving legs to shared projects is increasingly urgent.
The current situation calls for a discussion on choices that can no longer be postponed on community farming practices to counter the emergencies linked to climate change, where Nature is connected to good agricultural practices.
We will dedicate Sunday morning to discussing some projects that we will identify in the coming days.

We look forward to seeing you!

Below is the registration form and logistical directions to Valledrane

 Agenda and documents

In continuity with the May gathering in Fano, the key words will be Renewal and Partecipation.

Thursday 29 afternoon (arrivals) greetings between members, evening in company

Friday 30 September

AM 9.00/13.00

  • The WWOOF movement after 51 years. What is WWOOF for us today? Do we feel like a global community? Do we have a common vision? What is the vision of the movement today?
  • The WWOOF Italia Association after 23 years – Organisation. How is WI organised? As a member, how do I relate to the social organs and vice versa? What are the roles of the social organs?

PM 15.30/20.00

  • How is WWOOF Italy – Administration. Evolution of the association’s management structure, staff, wwoofing, what is changing?
  • The FOWO Federation and WWOOF Italia. What is going on in the Federation? How does WI participate in the international movement? How do we implement a common vision together, what is our mission?


  • Conviviality

Saturday 1 October

AM 9.00/13.00

  • The activities of coordinators and active members – Animation. How do I participate in the life of the association, do I have any role? What do I look for in WI? What does a coordinator do?
  • WWOOF Italia members – Action. A survey aimed at ‘taking a snapshot’ of the state of the art of the practices implemented by members at home and in the fields, collecting data for an overall view of the association, helping to adapt it to the reality that has evolved since it was founded in 1999. Edited by the Good Practices Project

PM 15.30/20.00

  • Towards an associative pact…beyond the statute – Innovation. What emerges from the previous sessions? Continued reflection on the identity of WI.
  • Towards shared coordination – Participation. Creating a group of people active in the association, beyond social roles.


  • Conviviality

Sunday 2 October

AM 9.00/13.00

  • Association action yards
    – Reflection on the need to take a stand as an association in the case of discriminatory regulations (such as Green Pass). Others being defined
  • Greetings

Useful material

Promoting natural farming as a lifestyle choice

Document shared by the Working Group for Land Stewardship (in Italian only)

FoWo 2030

FoWO 2023 Vision

Letter to the Board of Directors (in Italian only)

about the Greenpass

 Online registration form

The meeting is currently underway and there is no internet nor telephone signal so online registration is closed.
See you at the meeting!

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The contribution is free. To give you an indication, the daily cost per person for the association is around 20€.



Bank Transfer

Banca Etica, filiale 07 di Firenze intestato a: Associazione WWOOF Italia

Postal Money Order

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Print out the pre-printed form or fill in a blank bulletin with the postal number: 12421558.

How to get to the meeting
at Valledrane (BS)

on foot

You can reach to the meeting site on foot. Write in the registration form for any info.

Public transport

You can reach Treviso Bresciano by bus. Valledrane is about 6 minutes’ walk from the bus stop.

by car

Organise with other members or write in the registration form if you want to find or offer rides


La strada indicata da Gogle Maps è chiusa per lavori quindi per raggiungere il luogo della riunione andare a Idro e da lì salire in direzione di Treviso Bresciano. In cima si trovano sulla destra le indicazioni per la ex colonia ma non mancheremo di segnalare la strada con i consueti cartellini indicatori.