Consorzio Assicurativo Etico Solidale (Ethical Solidarity Insurance Consortium)

Why WWOOF has chosen CAES

WWOOF Italia and CAES started together and they have accompanied and supported each other in the process of moving from the informal to the formal.

WWOOF Italia was looking for an insurance partnership consistent with the spirit of the association, and CAES was looking for partners to promote the initiative in the world of ethical businesses.
Out of fairness to the members; cost-benefit analyses were also carried out in comparison to other market policies and CAES brilliantly passed them.
As a result, a mutual co-operation based on trust and respect was born, which has allowed us over time to solve problems and deal with unforeseen events when necessary.
To date, frequent exchanges and confrontations continue not only on insurance policies but also on issues concerning the common good.

WWOOF Italia and CAES

WWOOF Italia Volunteer members have insurance coverage

WWOOF Italia is a Social Promotion Association and as such guarantees WWOOFers insurance coverage for the risks associated with their activities while in the educational centers run by the Hosts.

An established alliance that cares about our members

All WWOOF Italia members can get a 5 % discount on insurance policies of their interest. 

A tailor-made policy for WWOOF farms

Host members are being offered a 30% discount on the farm’s insurance coverage policy

Car insurance discount until 31 March 2023!

a CAES proposal also valid for WWOOF Italia members

The discount is available on new policies taken out no later than 31/03/2023 under the following conditions:

  • Only applicable to motor liability insurance policies without vehicle BlackBoxes
  • It concerns only policyholders with risk attestations:
  • free of claims with principal liability in the last two years other than the current year (no claims in 2020, 2021 and 2022);
  • with no more than two primary claims.



How to obtain the discount

To apply for a quotation, go directly to our online application form and enter in the field Annotations (second form page) the code“SCONTO ETS” or contact us directly at