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Apr 29 - 30 2023


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Fundamentals and Practices of Peasant Agro-ecology – study days

Center for the Study of New Peasant Agriculture

Extraordinary keys to changing the way people think about and engage in agriculture will be given in the study days:

Fundamentals and Practices of Peasant Agro-ecology

Study days.:

First session: study days April 29 and 30 2023 (h 9,00-18,00)

First day: Saturday, April 29, 2023

Genesis of the living, history of agriculture, Advent and practice of Agro-ecology Peasantry

9h00: reception

9h15 Presentation of the Center for the Study of the New Peasant Agriculture

edited by Giannozzo Pucci

9h30: Introduction to the Study Day, with Giannozzo Pucci et Nicolas Supiot


To the origins of soils, plants and the living, edited by Lilian Ceballos,1h15

Pause 20mn


Social and cultural history of agriculture, with Silvia Pérez-Vitoria,1h10

14h20- 15h30

Ecological and technical history of agriculture, what impacts on soils? with Miguel NEAU,1h10

Pause 20mn

15h50- 17h00

To the Origins of Peasant Agro-ecology, with Silvia Pérez-Vitoria,1h10

17h00 Presentation of the Italian Ecologist’s latest volume: The New Peasant Agriculture

Day 2: The fundamentals of peasant agro-ecology


Fundamentals and Principles of Peasant Agro-ecology, with Silvia Pérez-Vitoria,1h20

Pause 20mn


Fundamental cycles of the SOIL ecosystem, with Lilian CEBALLOS,1h00


Pillars of soil functioning in Agro-ecology Contadina with Miguel NEAU, 45mn


Phyto-pedology, another view of wild plants in crops with Miguel NEAU, 1h00


Practice of Peasant Agro-ecology on a polyculture-livestock farm In southern Brittany, with Nicolas Supiot, 40 mn

Pause 20mn

16h00- 18h00- 2h00

Round table: Farm experiences in Agro-ecology and re-appropriations and innovations of agricultural knowledge and practices:

Roundtable moderator: Francesca della Giovampaola of Ogigia Woods.


Nicolas Supiot
: Brettone family farm in agro-ecology and semi-farming Polyculture-farms, processing into flour, bread, oil and meat for direct sale

Salvatore Ceccarelli Geneticist:
Evolutionary genetic improvement in the new peasant agriculture and Italian experiences.

Cerrano A bakery farm in rural agro-ecology in Tuscany

Carlo Triarico president of the biodynamic association Biodynamics for peasant agro-ecology

Fabio Pinzi and Eva Eisenreich Permaculture, regenerative and syntropic organic farming for the new peasant agriculture

Ran (natural agriculture network): the farming of the Straw Strand Revolution

18h00 Conclusion and end of the first session.


Location: Pucci Palace, via de’ Pucci 4, 50122 Florence

Registration: By April 15. Cost € 200.00, Farmers € 100.00, excluding meals

The email to which to direct questions is: nuovagricolturacontadina@gmail.com, or drop by LEF, Via de’Pucci 4 mornings Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. to bring a written question by filling out the form you will find

on the spot and leaving half of the cost of booked participation as a deposit.

Those who book by email or by phone to LEF 055214117 will be given directions to pay the transfer.

Supporters: La Fierucola Association, Parte Guelfa, Navdanya International, Act One,

Cv’s of conductors

Silvia Pérez-Vitoria, Ph.D., socio-economist, documentary filmmaker.

Teacher in the Agro-ecology Master-Doctorate at the International University of Andalusia. Author of: The Return of the Peasants – Montebello d’oro 2008, Nonino Prize 2009,

Lilian Ceballos, Ph.D. in pharmacology and evolutionary biology and ecology

Specialist of Symbiosis Favace/Rizobi, mycorrhizae, natural attractiveness ausiliairie, Teacher at the Lyonnais School of Medicinal Plants, Ildegardian Institute, Naturotapa Author of: Hildegarde et l’épeautre. Editions IH.2022

Miguel Neau, Écologo-Botanico and Soil Agronomist.

Specialist in bio-indication of soils with plants and practices in peasant agro-ecology. Professional trainer and Soil surveys. Whole France.

Nicolas Supiot, Farmer-Farmer and Agroecologist Breeder.

Initiator of the School of the Living and Co-founder of the Peasant Seeds Network in 2003 Pivot of the French Peasant Bakers Network. Farmer-researcher for 30 years