Villa Prelato - Fano

Gathering WWOOF Italia 2022

27-29 May 2022


WWOOF Italia

From 27 to 29 May, the ANNUAL MEETING of WWOOF Italia members will be held.

in the facilities of  Villa Prelato, Fano (PU).

Everyone is welcome, whether you have been a member for one day or for years, whether you are a host, a woofer, supporter or have made WWOOF your meaning in life. After two difficult years, we are happy to meet again in person, to speak, compare and celebrate together, in organised meetings and convivial moments. Ideas, which the Board has undertaken with the organisational contribution of a group of members, that will be presented for a gradual course of innovation in the continuity of WWOOF Italia.

The programme outlines content, objectives and a way of conducting meetings that will help us to develop our membership mission with practical proposals.  THE DETAILED PROGRAMME WILL BE AVAILABLE ON THIS PAGE IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS.

It will be possible to arrive on the Thursday for the opening of the meeting on Friday. A day dedicated to the Coordinator’s meetings, open to all interested parties, as auditors. It will be guided by two Facilitators, who will assist in the search for a link between continuity and future prospects in the life of the association, after two years of uncertainty and distance between members.
Saturday is dedicated to the activities and daily life of the association. WWOOF Italy reappears in the stories of people who animate it and  “put themselves on the line” for it. WWOOF Italia renews its commitment to natural agriculture with the naturalist farmers’ procedures, proposed by the Custody of the ecology of the land work group. Don’t miss out on the big Saturday evening party!

On Sunday, the novelty of a small fair with interesting initiatives will flank our traditional farmers market with our products.                    

Some friendly realities will participate with a stand/information point, for a direct and spontaneous meeting between people, and may schedule a small explanatory conference at fixed times!                         If you would like to bring your own agricultural produce or handicrafts to the market, or would like to propose a stand, please inform us through the registration form so that we can organise the appropriate space!


Days of the Meeting

  • Overnight stays in tents are possible.
  • he kitchen staff will prepare meals
  • Volunteer shifts will be shared to manage cleaning, canteen duty and dishwashing.
  • Participation is free! Whoever wants to can contribute with a donations

Friday 27 from 9,30 until 19,30

  • An open Coordinators’ Meeting
  • Two years of associative life and management
  • The developments of natural agriculture and the network of educational centres

Saturday 28 from 9,30 until 19,30

  • Opening circle Welcome back!!!
  • WWOOF Italy presents itself in the stories of the people who animate it.
  • Naturalistic layout of a farm
  • Farmers between science and politics.La Rete Semi Rurali.
  • Educated by the land. Il Podere scolastico di Pergola
  • Dancing with ‘Damigiana’.
    Monte S.Vito folk group

Sunday 29 from 9:20

  • Products and projects at the fair. Farmers’ market and thematic stands
  • Closing circle Goodbye!!!

Register to participate!

N.B: the discussions will be held in Italian only. If you are willing to participate please be sure to understand the Italian language correctly. No translation in English will be provided.

Help us to support the 2022 Meeting expenses!
If you feel that the proposal is valid, you can endorse it……

making a donation

The contribution is voluntary. To give you an idea, the daily cost per person for the association is about 20€.



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