Green Pass and WWOOFing activities

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Do I need a Green Pass to do WWOOFing?

The answer is clear:

Use of COVID-19 green certificates on means of transport

As of 1 September, only persons with a COVID-19 Green Certificate will be allowed to access and use the following means of transport:

  • Aircraft used for commercial passenger transport services,
  • ships and ferries used for interregional transport services, with the exception of those used for maritime connections in the Strait of Messina.
  • Trains used for passenger rail transport services – Inter City, Inter City Notte and Alta VelocitĂ  trains.
  • Buses used for passenger transport services, operating in a continuous or periodic manner on a route connecting more than two regions and having pre-established travel itineraries, schedules and fares; chartered buses with driver, with the exemption of supplementary local and regional public transport services.

Can a host ask WWOOFers for their green pass?  

Please note! starting October 15th, Green Pass requirements may affect hosts running a commercial farm. We will provide you with more specific information in the next few days.

Clearly in this case the Association has the task of informing members as clearly as possible on what is mandatory and what is not: It is up to each individual member to choose whether to take further measures to protect co-living. In fact it may be legitimate for a host to ask WWOOFers for certification when they apply for a period of stay in his life and working reality, especially if he has fragilities to protect, if this makes him feel more reassured.

It is important to know that persons who cannot be vaccinated due to age or health reasons are exempt from the green pass requirement.

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