Invitation to participate in WWOOF Italia projects

Invitation to participate in WWOOF Italia projects for members is now open

by | Dec 4, 2021 | Associative life, Our members, Projects of WWOOF Italy

We would like to inform you about something new: theĀ Invitation to participate in the WWOOF Italia project “Crescono con noi 2021ā€Ā (Growing with us in 2021) is online until 15 February 2022 Ā in order to financially support projects proposed by our members.

Invitation to participate in WWOOF Italia projects

For several years now WWOOF Italy has been supporting proposals from members, friends and related organisations in various ways (you might remember that in the 2016 calendar we covered 12 of them). With the gainedĀ experience we wanted to make it easier for participants to propose ideas and let them know what kind of support to expect from the association.

It is still a rather small experiment and we want to start by choosing five projects to support for three years.

We have been running around a bit in order to be able to support the projects without putting them off for a year and unfortunately there will only be two months to think about the ideas and send in a proposal but you won’t have to do any scanning of documents or other bureaucracy.

We ask you to read the Invitation to participate in our WWOOF Italia project announcementĀ to find out about the selection criteria, fill in the purely descriptive form and pass the word!

The only two requirements are to carry out the project in Italy and to have been a member of WWOOF Italy for at least two years.

The competition does not invalidate the previous method of direct proposal of projects, as it remains useful especially for those who have been members for a short time, who are not members but feel that their project has affinity with the spirit of WWOOF Italy and for all those who ask for promotion of their project idea but do not expect financial support

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