WWOOF Italia has been focusing part of its efforts in supporting projects which have been created and proposed by the board and staff but also those proposed and carried out by members or friends from the territory through the knots of the relational network which has been growing over the years.

The contribution is sometimes entirely promotional and sometimes also financial: in this case, coverage is partial because we believe that it is essential that the projects find adequate recognition and support, especially from the territories in which they evolve and have an impact.

Participate in the invitation for projects 2021

We are dedicating an invitation to tender to all members who have had a membership for at least two years; through which we would like to take create a strong and continuous relationship.

Attached is the invitation to tender with instructions on how to apply for the assignation of support on a three-year basis. Applications are valid until 15 February 2022.


Invitation to participate in WWOOF Italia projects

Not a member yet or a recent member? We hear you

Those who have joined up recently or those who are not members but would like to ask WWOOF Italia for their support and/or promotion for a project that they feel is in line with the spirit of the association, are invited to contact us via email or by  telephone +39 3510810820