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WWOOF Independents

The network of the WWOOF world that connects hosts residing in countries without a national organisation.

The WWOOF community developed from Sue Coppard’s initiative in the UK back in 1971, around a network of national organisations that relaunched its vision and practices.

The creation of a national organisation is a long process, based on the sharing of the spirit that reflects the founding values of the movement, and it is the result of weaving relationships that finally bring to an organisational and administrative autonomy.

WWOOF Independents has over time fulfilled the task of assisting hosts and WWOOFers who venture to

to carry out their activities in countries where there is no one to assist them on site. Gradually then, if in a single country the network of hosts takes shape and a critical number is reached that makes it possible to create and manage a national organization. WWOOF Independents strives to provide the necessary know-how to the people who become protagonists of the initiative. Currently the activities of WWOOF Independents are coordinated on behalf of FoWO (Federation of WWOOF Organisations) by Basil Black, President of WWOOF Italy. You can find the list of countries of the Independents network on https://wwoofindependents.org/

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