school vegetable garden in Pergola

The school vegetable garden in Pergola

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an amazing evolution

WWOOF Italy for some years now has “adopted” the project of the School Garden of Pergola trying to contribute to the educational continuity and dissemination of good practices that make this initiative something unique in our country.

Unfortunately, as with so many other school activities, the years of the pandemic caused an interruption in the cultivation practices of the garden, which remained alive only thanks to the care of the main protagonists of this exemplary story.

Federica and Massimo, the enlightened teachers, together with Paolo, a horticulturist on a mission, have in fact kept the garden alive by dedicating themselves to some small activities on their own initiative in order to ensure that the children would not have to face abandonment when they resumed their studies.

The time of resumption is finally coming and, as it often happens, the hands free from deadlines and tasks has led to new enlightenment: Federica, Massimo and Paolo wondered about the evolution that the world around the Garden has experienced over the years and came to the conclusion that the Garden deserved to live a new phase.

This is how the Sustaining Sustainability conference came about; Paolo, himself tells us the reasons for it:

“The path that led to the organization of this conference starts from the need to evolve: a change is necessary both to develop new needs and to give new energy to the project. The purpose of the conference is to inform about the new project and to share the phases that aim to involve the local community in a more direct way. Myself, Federica Tempesti the teacher and Massimo Albertini the newly retired professor, we think that it is no longer enough just to produce in an ecological way but also to involve the agricultural world, (…and not only), in the activities of the school; to involve society in a path of circular economy building aggregation around native products and sustainable actions.”

“These beautiful words will be accompanied by deeds, we don’t need so much ideas (we believe we already have plenty) as we do the sharing of intentions. We believe that through relationships between people we are enriched and improved,” concludes Paolo. It will certainly be interesting to accompany the Binotti Institute and its collaborators in this evolution and we will be passionately at their side in the new adventure of involving the territory: as a seal for the rest of what we have hoped for since the first patronage agreements.

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