A new world in rural Italy

by | Jul 13, 2022 | from our networks

an interview by Raúl Zibechi to the Mondeggi Bene Comune Collective

Self-managing the telling of one’s own experience. Raúl Zibechi anted to create, for the many readers of Desinformémonos, dispersed not only in Mexico but in much of the world that reads Castilian, an interview that could go deep into the story of Mondeggi Bene Comune. So he posed seven questions to the collective that started the Fattoria Senza Padroni and the many extraordinary realities that are connected to it (the latest being the first Università della Terra in Italia): from what they believe that they have built after nine years of their resistance by creating new worlds to how they make decisions. The result is a wide-ranging story without mediation, as is the practice of a community experience that has made autonomy a way of life and even a way of communicating with the world.

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