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We are online with the new platform!

by | Jul 23, 2022 | Associative life, Featured News

 After a few days of settling in we can open a bottle and 🥂 celebrate the new site.

It is natural that we all find ourselves a bit disoriented in a new landscape but basically the transition is going smoothly and makes us feel much closer to the international context.

A few small gears need to be oiled but on the whole we can be satisfied and all together thank the large group of people who prepared and cared for this delicate machine.

The messages and visit requests have been regularly imported and therefore you have the historic data available.

We only report a communication problem that occurs between the messaging of the previous platform and the new site: the reply via e-mail to messages received through the old platform does not work (you can recognize these messages because they have a sender address with final domain @ as indicated in the image).

Example of a message sent by the old platform not to reply directly via email.
Example of a message sent by the old platform not to reply directly via email.

For messages generated on the old site – until 18 July – it is therefore good to enter the profile and reply from there at least the first time, otherwise your replies seem to start regularly but do not reach the recipient and are not even registered on the platform. They simply get lost.

Once you have “hooked up” to the new system, you can also go back to using e-mail if you prefer.

Of course, for messages or requests generated on the new platform, the problem does not exist. It is advisable from time to time to enter the messaging from the profile to have a reliable overview of the commitments made.

We will return soon to send you the Newsletter with initiatives, offers or requests for collaboration / work and news from the networks; in the meantime visit if you want to stay updated.

For any doubt or further information write to or call 3510810820.

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