self-irrigating gardens

Against drought and for self-production of food

by | Aug 9, 2022 | from our networks

Basic vegetable gardens, self-irrigation and food forests

We are in a situation of a serious water emergency and with a generalised increase in prices, including those of foodstuffs; these are essential goods for our existence, water and food. The growth system, because it considers them exclusively as commodities, is unable to cope with the situation. There is no effective intervention, one hopes that it will rain and that the market will somehow bring prices down, both of which are very much down to chance and providence, rather than anything that has any semblance of a solution. But instead of looking at stock market prices or praying for rain, it is possible to intervene directly for both issues, water and food. In the field of agriculture, I have done various experiments and for a few years now I have been using Alessandro Ronca’s system from Orti Autoirriganti which gives great satisfaction. I then supplemented this system with some indications from the non-method of the Elementary Gardens conceived by Gian Carlo Cappello. All this within a Food forest design. The results I am getting are remarkable, with even large vegetables.

Paolo Ermani and large zucchini

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