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An opportunity in Montieri (GR)

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Franco offers accommodation in exchange for 7 hours of care per week

I have lived for 47 years on a farm in the municipality of Montieri (GR) where in the past I have been a farmer, a herdsman, a teacher, etc. Now I only occasionally rent the flats into which I have divided my farmhouse because I am too old and have very little mobility. I therefore need some assistance.

the vegetable garden is at your disposal

To singles or couples, in possession of a car and means of subsistence, who are fond of silence and wild nature, in exchange for 7 hours a week of care for an elderly person living in a neighbouring flat, I offer a fully furnished and equipped apartment and the right to manage and benefit from a 500 sqm vegetable garden in a very isolated farmhouse in the municipality of Montieri (GR). (High-speed wifi).“


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