We met in Moncalieri

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R.A.M. hosted the meeting of the Piedmont members

We met on April 28 in Moncalieri, in the farmhouse of R.A.M. Unfortunately, rain prevented us from admiring the scenery over the Alps and visiting the farmstead.

We were about 20 people, including hosts, wwoofers as well as several children. R.A.M.’s warm welcome made us perfectly comfortable.

After the introduction of the participants, we heard the story of R.A.M. company started at the instigation of an agricultural graduate then wwoofer, who as a result of his experience involved the family in taking up farming. Beginning as a brewery, it has since expanded into grains, medicinal plants, horticulture, agritourism, goats, chickens, educational farm, mushrooms, to which not to miss anything they have added an apple orchard, a vineyard and blueberry production! All based on an agricultural simple partnership among several people.

After a shared lunch, we were able to have a reasoned tasting of their beer, with a detailed explanation of the various types and processing methods.

Francesco Francisci then explained the project by the Land Ecology Custody Working Group, SEMINASIEPI . Active for several years, it aims to spread the creation of hedges on territories to promote biodiversity, according to criteria that go along with the nature of the place where you are, preferring local species if possible less frequent or rare.

Federico Chiais of I Soffioni of Buttigliera d’Asti has already been providing for the planting of new hedges on its land for several years, and every year it organizes a meeting-party where those present participate in the planting of hundreds of seedlings. These plants sometimes come from provincial or regional nurseries, it was discussed whether it would be useful to try to organize this production of plants for hedgerows or whether it would be better to entrust this task to these public facilities, which unfortunately these days are often being decommissioned.

Roberto Schellino, who attended the March meeting of CHANGE THE FIELD! first farmers’ conference born out of the need to gain visibility and strength through coming together as farmers, with the goal of implementing and disseminating agroecological critique of the industrial agribusiness system, spreading practices to save the food world and with it our planet and those who inhabit it in all its forms. Already a campaign is underway against TEAs, or NBTs, plant DNA modification techniques, which the EU intends to ‘clear’ through customs: no longer calling them GMOs, thus ‘liberalizing’ their use, when until now, due to the precautionary principle, their use was prohibited. This campaign, in addition to the distribution of leaflets that can be downloaded from their website, includes a national mobilization that will take place on May 18 in Pavia, near an experimental field of rice produced with these ‘new’ genomic techniques.

It is always interesting and pleasant to get together among people of our big ‘family’!


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