Autumn meeting

Autumn meeting in Valledrane (BS)

by | Aug 31, 2022 | Associative life, Featured News, General Meetings

the self-managed house hosting the autumn meeting of WWOOF Italy from 29 September to 2 October

The tradition is now well-established: with few exceptions, the autumn meeting reflects a choice that was also valid for the spring meetings – self-management of the structure and, in particular, of the kitchen – and an itinerant location to bring the most diverse territories closer together.

This year’s choice fell on the house/hostel of Valledrane in Treviso Bresciano (BS).

Valledrane the outdoor space for group activities

A new territory to discover, a good welcoming capacity of the structure in the simplicity that is congenial to us.

You can find historical information telling of the many lives lived by this hostel, but in the meantime we redirect you to the page where you will find a brief description and some pictures of the structure.

Save the date:! A programme of the days will be available shortly: we hope for a large attendance. The new projects and the generational change in the management and coordination of WWOOF Italy call for participation. The challenges posed by the environmental crises are becoming more and more urgent: the culture and practice of a different kind of agriculture is increasingly topical.

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Autumn meeting