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WWOOFCast – Fourth episode

by | Sep 28, 2022 | Interviews

Have you already listened to our WWOOFcast? If not, then we encourage you to do so! In the latest episode Rodrigo Rocha interviewed Eoin Shaloo, a long-time WWOOFer based in the UK. Listen to an inspiring story about how WWOOF changed his life. Available on all podcast platforms!

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Pubblicato da Eszter per WWOOF Italia

come staff di WWOOF Italia mi dedico alle relazioni internazionali e sono consigliera della Federazione delle Organizzazioni WWOOF (FoWO). Per contattarmi: eszter.matolcsi@wwoof.it


Altre notizie da WWOOF Italia

Rassecale, the story

At Rassecale (Mirabella Eclano, AV) we were welcomed by a young community, now undergoing renovation but still with many projects to come: Marco and Pauline are running their wonderful vegetable garden, Marina has moved from Spain to help with the animals. Arrived here as a WWOOFer, her story is a testimonial of how impactful our association can be on agricultural practice and people’s life.