Contaminated by Pesticides

by | Oct 13, 2022 | from our networks, Initiatives

the press release of the Coalition #CambiamoAgricoltura

Pesticides: when you look for them you find them, in people, in water and in the soil. Synthetic chemicals used in agriculture are pervasive, persistent and dangerous to people’s health and to the environment. The European Union is asking Italy to reduce their use by 62% within 2030.

The “Good Food Good Farming” initiative European Pesticide Check Up reveals that 1 in 3 people are contaminated with pesticides in their hair (28% of the survey), 25 out of 30 pesticides analyzed were detected in the samples (80% of the pesticides tested were detected)


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Rassecale, the story

At Rassecale (Mirabella Eclano, AV) we were welcomed by a young community, now undergoing renovation but still with many projects to come: Marco and Pauline are running their wonderful vegetable garden, Marina has moved from Spain to help with the animals. Arrived here as a WWOOFer, her story is a testimonial of how impactful our association can be on agricultural practice and people’s life.