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The Organic Farm La Fonte Searches for Cogestori

by | Jan 26, 2023 | job requests and offers

on the Modena Apennines at 900 m. asl.

The Organic Farm La Fonte is a new socio-economic project which has among its purposes the allow

young people to settle in agriculture.

The Stable

The model is designed to create a new relationship of mutual support between producers and consumers for

the affirmation of a local economy that can bring people back to the mountains to manage the territory.
The multifunctional farms of the past are recreated with livestock, care of the forest, crops and fruit, leaving

from industrial biological. On a social level, there is co-management (enterprise together), one lives and eats on the farm

eliminating individual costs of rent, bills and meals.

The interior of the stable and the Goats

We are located on the Modenese Apennines at 900 m. asl. We are looking for motivated and entrepreneurial-minded collaborators:

if the experience leads to a desire for stability and one feels able to manage the farm together, later
co-management with a company can be made official.

Farm management is common; at the end of the year, the finalization of the profits and how much to be remunerated are decided together.


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Panorama photo The Source