Rural Seeds Network ETS is looking for a part-time collaboration for the Scandicci office

by | Mar 21, 2023 | Classifieds, from our networks, job requests and offers

Administration and secretarial area

SEEDS RURAL NETWORK ETS is seeking, for its Scandicci office, an ADMINISTRATIVE ACCOUNTING AND SECRETARIAL REFERENT to manage the secretarial, administrative and accounting activities of the Association. Specifically, the contact person will have to deal with both secretarial and analytical accounting of projects funded by public or private sources, as well as general accounting and preparation of the annual budget. The person sought will be part of the Administrative Unit that works closely with the Association’s four areas of work (ResearchAction, Seed House, Community and Seeding Change). The direct person in charge of this figure is the Technical Director of the Rural Seeds Network.

Attached is the full description of the proposal and RSR’s contact information

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