Tiziano dei Lonfi

Tiziano and his plants

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regeneration made tree

d Tiziano’s is a story we like: a real life choice that, starting with personal regeneration, leads to paths of regeneration of a small slice of territory.

Borghetto dei Lonfi is the small business that Titian recovered from the hereditary fragmentation of his family. Great-grandparents were the last ones to take care of it.

“The main project I am focusing on is the regeneration of a 2.4-hectare piece of land that belonged to my great-grandparents and has been abused by traditional agriculture(mainly wheat monoculture) for several years. In doing so, I am also developing a nice human network of like-minded people in the area.” we read in the profile that Titian prepared on our site and continues: “The dream is to turn Abruzzo into a huge scattered Eco village! 🙂

He closes with the typical smile of the determined: in fact, today a participatory planting project of native essences is underway, contributing to Titian’s new nickname: the tree whisperer.

Impossible not to take it seriously and try to give it a concrete contribution: Carla, Cinzia and Fabrizio, Abruzzo coordinators of WWOOF Italy thought that the best way is to participate in the Pimavera Festival on March 26, an opportunity to help each other, recognize each other and exchange in the best tradition of WWOOF Italy APS Members.

below is the program

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