Weed control without chemistry

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Thematic network by the Center for Agro-environmental Research “Enrico Avanzi” of the University of Pisa

The University of Pisa’s “Enrico Avanzi” Agro-Environmental Research Center(CiRAA) is participating in the European project Oper8, a thematic network funded under the Horizon Europe program with the ambition of contributing to the definition of national action plans on non-chemical weed control.

The project begins by gathering “from the bottom up” the impressions and considerations of stakeholders, primarily farmers, but also consultants and technical media companies, regarding alternative techniques to herbicide use.

Convinced of the value of your input, we therefore request the courtesy of your participation in the online survey after registering at the following link: https://forms.office.com/e/wW9St5PHQP.

(Alternatively, frame the attached QR-code).

The questionnaire can be filled out by April 3.

We are at your disposal in case of any requests for clarification

Best regards

Prof. Daniele Antichi

Agro-environmental Research Center “Enrico Avanzi” – University of Pisa

e-mail daniele.antichi@unipi.it
tel. 050-2218962


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