72 hours of BioDiversity at Scandicci

Festival 72 hours of Biodiversity

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Do you want to contribute to the realization? volunteer!

We receive from Chiara, who for Rete Semi Rurali oversees the organization of the Festival, the appeal to make a contribution for Saturday, May 20 or Sunday, May 21.

Read Chiara’s message and, if you are interested in volunteering, email Chiara who will put you in touch with the volunteer activities coordinator.

Good morning,

we are looking for volunteers for the realization of the second edition of the Festival “72 Hours of Biodiversity” which will take place again this year from May 20 to 22, 2023 in Scand icci under the patronage of the City of Scandicci and the Region of Tuscany and in collaboration with numerous local entities that have been working for years on issues of agriculture, sustainability, culture and food.

The three-day event aims to bring to the attention of citizens two key dates-May 20, National Agricultural Biodiversity Day, and May 22, World Biodiversity Day-and is the first such initiative in Italy. The goal is to celebrate the value of biodiversity through a nationwide event, raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity in daily life, and initiate a reflection involving citizens, producers, institutions and industry experts on the need to change our lifestyles, starting with the food we eat.

The festival will feature numerous initiatives: workshops for citizens and schools, debates, book presentations, a large farmers’ market, concerts and performances, lectures and social meals will alternate throughout the three-day event between the Gardens of Diversity in Vingone, the House of Agrobiodiversity and Acciaiolo Park. At the opening and closing of the festival, there will also be a film review at the Cabiria Cinema dedicated to the themes of climate change and agriculture with three evenings (May 8, 15 and 22) in collaboration with the “Friends of the Cabiria” association.

The entire initiative is promoted and organized by Rete Semi Rurali in collaboration with Deafal, Società Toscana di Orticultura, European Coordination Let’s Liberate Diversity!, WWOOF, COSPE and Rete Humus.


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72 hours of BioDiversity at Scandicci