Ferraretta Bianca

Agro-sylvo-pastoral project in the hills east of Verona

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we do not want to be alone: it takes the contribution, the strength, the intelligence of many.

We are a family: Giulia, Angelo, Cristina, Federico, Alessandro, and 20 years ago we decided to change our lives towards sustainability criteria: we are implementing an agro silvo-pastoral project of regenerative agriculture, based on permaculture principles. We are in the hills east of Verona, not far from Tregnago, above the Tramigna Valley.

It is an ambitious project based on a strong idea of change, inspired by values that have nature at the center of everything. We strongly believe in it, but we do not want to be alone: it takes the contribution, the strength, the intelligence of many.

It is a project that cannot be just “ours”; it is a project that wants to be more people’s.


It can be the contribution of an individual, a couple, a family, or even a group; passionate people who in turn have the desire to share and provide resources and expertise. Let them devote themselves to the vegetable garden and animal husbandry, but never lose sight of the agro-sylvo-pastoral aspect of the whole enterprise.

Our efforts now consist mainly of tending wild and medicinal herbs, their processing in the farm workshop, and raising sheep of a native breed (as well as bees and chickens). We have a vegetable garden, orchard and microforest, a start-up agritourism and an educational farm in the licensing process; we host and organize courses and workshops related to agriculture, solidarity economy, bio-ecological architecture and holistic disciplines.

The doors are open, the channels are endless; contact us. With confidence, we look forward to seeing you.


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