Summer School 2023

Agroecology for land regeneration

by | May 3, 2023 | Training

Summer School – 2023 edition

The Summer School aims to contribute to training future professionals who know how to trigger and implement, through the identification of the most promising and effective agroecological practices, processes of territorial, environmental and sociocultural regeneration in urban and peri-urban settings, paying particular attention to the effects that these processes can have on local communities in terms of building shared meanings, cohesion, accessibility and care of places.

Through its theoretical-conceptual apparatus and thanks to the integration of different forms of knowledge and scientific disciplines, agroecology can become a promoter of inclusive and participatory methods and practices in decision-making, research and training processes at different spatial scales.

The systemic, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary approach, the study of how agroecosystems work, the experimentation with practices to cultivate and produce more sustainably, and the focus on the relationship between food, land, and culture make it a true movement for the regeneration of environments and communities.

The Summer School in “Agroecology and Land Regeneration” aims to provide participants with solid knowledge and skills
related to the main theories, methodologies and agroecological and cultural practices of environmental and land regeneration and reactivation in urban and peri-urban areas through lectures, field activities and in-depth teaching.


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