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Wwoof: traveling in the world of organic

by | May 3, 2023 | Blog, They say about us

Aam Terranuova returns to talk about us

It is not just a journey, but an immersion into the life of organic farms, the one that more than a hundred thousand woofers make each year in 130 countries around the world. In Italy it is a solid entity that implements projects on the ground.

Is it just a kind of nostalgia, or is it a deeper feeling that drives hundreds of thousands of people each year to seek out an agricultural experience with which to engage, to grow, to learn more about life? If we think about it, aren’t we all a bit of orphans of the land and farming civilization? If industrial agriculture has ousted humans from the countryside and alienated us from primary activity, it is quite normal for the desire to travel to be intertwined with the desire to return to the land, to build healthy relationships and make sense of our lives by returning to producing at least some of the food we consume every day.


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