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A Hand for the Sage – solidarity camp in Sorrivoli (FC)

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Two days dedicated to seed collection

The bad weather hit hard, especially in Romagna, and we asked Members to report solidarity and shared work initiatives to save crops and/or restore the viability of fields.

On June 24 and 25 at the OrtiCà farm, we are called upon to help out.

We harvest sage by hand!


This year the flood that hit our hills took most of the roads with it, and with those, ours.

Roads that we use to access cultivated fields with vehicles.

Therefore, we decided to equally harvest the product of the sage bloom, which was very abundant this year.

We will do it the old-fashioned way, we will do it together, we will do it by hand!!!

Once these days were real festivals, whole communities would mobilize and hand-pick all the crops in the area.✨

At the end of the harvest there was a big feast. This is what we are going to do!!!

Do you want to participate in an unforgettable day and take a dip into the past?


A pair of scissors/scissors.

a tent.

a couple of changes

Let’s have dinner together and you can stay overnight with us!

A day or a weekend-you decide how much time to devote to it-to give us a hand in reaping the fruits of the earth and the labor of two years of work! Otherwise they would be thrown away!

A HAND FOR THE SALVIA 24 and 25 JUNE At our farm.


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